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台灣虛擬主機服務排定維護作業公告 (2023/07/15)

排定維護作業公告 Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

為了改進我們的虛擬主機服務並確保您的網站能夠穩定、順暢地運作,我們預計在 2023 年 07 月 15 日針對台灣虛擬主機服務進行排定維護作業,在維護作業期間您的網站與本團隊官方網站、帳務系統可能會發生數次短暫的服務中斷。

本次排定維護作業將在當天 08:30 AM 開始進行,我們預計所有受本次維護作業影響的服務項目會在當天 04:30 PM 之前恢復正常運作。

維護作業期間請盡可能避免進行登入 cPanel 管理界面、透過 FTP 上傳任何檔案、 更新與修改網站或資料庫內容等操作,否則可能造成您的資料、網站損毀或導致其他問題的產生。

(English version)

In order to keep your shared hosting service healthy and allow your site to run smoothly, we scheduled a maintenance for our Taiwan shared hosting service on 15st July, 2023, your website, our official website and the billing system may experience some downtime during the maintenance work in progress.

The maintenance work will be started at 08:30 AM and we expect the service will get back to normal before 04:30 PM.

Please DO NOT log into cPanel, upload any files via FTP, update or modify your website and database during the maintenance, or your website and data may be corrupted or unexpected issues may happen.

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